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Senior Fellow Program Description

When the National Minority Technology Council (NMTC) was first envisioned in 1999 the founding principles included the need to build the human capital necessary to transform our country into a more inclusive ecosystem. 

Now the Council Exchange Board of Trade (Council Exchange) has supplanted NMTC with a more robust articles of incorporation and governance.  The Council Exchange forwards the industry and research agenda with both a longstanding heritage and a clear vision for the Minority Technology Industry and the community, innovation ecosystem and workforce systems it was created to serve. 

The Council Exchange's agenda speaks to both power and wealth creation.  As a body of minority technology business owners we know too well the need for competent employees.  The Council Exchange Senior Fellow program is an international research bed of highly skilled and motivated thinkers and doers that recognize the value of mentorships, partnerships and applied research.  

The Council Exchange's Senior Fellow program is a place for trust and distinction.   Housed in the Council Exchange's Looking Forward Research & Development Directorate(Looking Forward), Senior Fellows hold various research & development roles structured to guide and govern the ongoing discovery and management of various programs and growth algorithms. 

For those who have accomplished much there is often a desire to either give back or the wisdom to combine forces.  Our Senior Fellow program allows for individuals to be a part of our $100 Billion ecosystem of innovation.  The Council Exchange's network of over 65,000 minority technology companies need to be leveraged and our Senior Fellows are well positioned to strategically support business and community growth.  Senior Fellows lead our organization in ways that allows Looking Forward's research to scale by bringing governance and capability to the gaps we have uncovered that inhibit stakeholder partnership success and growth.  

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Our Fellow programs are governed by research standards regarding privacy, authority and delegation.  If you would like to find out more please click below and fill out our survey of interest.

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"Change is the only thing we can trust will persist"

Karl Cureton

Chairman Emeritus, 

National Minority Technology Council


Council Exchange Board of Trade



The National Minority Technology Council (NMTC) is merging with the Council Exchange Board of Trade (CEBOT).


CEBOT governs the membership and vendor governance process and operates both the Looking Forward Research & Development Directorate and the creation of a Qualified Opportunity Fund Private Fund Complex (Outcome Fund).

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